Pallet packs are an excellent way of transporting and also storing bulky products. They can be manufactured from either Conventional or Heavy Duty Board. They are genuinely made up of four components: a lid, sleeve and a base which then sits upon a wooden pallet. Timber corner pieces can also be include if required to add extra strength.

They are straight-forward when it comes to assembling them. Due to their light weight they are also easy to handle. They are tailor-made for size and can also be printed one or two colours.

Pallet packs are a great alternative to plywood and timber cases. The two main reasons for this are that they are lighter in weight which helps reduce your shipping costs and they are delivered flat packed meaning they take up less storage space in your warehouse.


With the correct board grade chosen, a pallet pack is of exceptional strength and reliability and will handle the rigorous demands of transportation by road or air freight.

All timber pallets supplied with pallet pack sets will have been heat treated to > ISPM15 regulations and stamped.


All sleeves are either stitched or glued (or both) depending on the customer’s requirements.


Depending on the size of the pallet pack sleeve, it may have to be creased so that it can fold flat when unassembled.

Geddes Packaging have the capability to insert a drop down front in the sleeve so that products are easier to pack or remove.

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