Complete Range of Corrugated Board Grades
Using the heaviest of the Triple Wall Boards down to the lightest Single Flute, Geddes are able to supply cartons of all types, printed or plain, to the right specification to enable you to get your product to your customer in A1 condition.

Pack Design Service
The outer carton may not be the complete answer to your packaging problem. If that is the case, Geddes are able to offer you a complete design service to ensure your product gets maximum protection at the most economical cost.

A Colourful Future
In todays competitive marketplace something that makes your product stand out from your competitors can be important. A relatively new innovation to the normal brown carton is a coloured box - printed to suit your requirements.

FEFCO styles
Listed below are the most common and frequently used FEFCO styles. All can be manufactured to customer's size and required board grade. For a full overview of styles please visit the FEFCO website >
If none of the FEFCO styles meets with your requirements or you have a complex product that requires bespoke design, Geddes can offer you a complete design service ensuring that your product gets the maximum protection at the most economical cost.


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